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We know you have many Lubricant Companies to choose from, so we thank you for evaluating ours. You may not have the time to search our website for your solution, so contact us directly to discuss any areas where we may be able to help.

It might be that you are using the wrong lubricant for the job, or the right lubricant applied incorrectly. We have a full range of Conventional and Specialist Lubricants to suit all Industries and Applications. The products you require to solve that awkward lubrication issue or reduce costs are worth every penny and just a phone call away. Make an instant impact on your business today! Contact us via one of the following methods or send an enquiry: 

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Brit-Lube Ltd, Units 2&3 Mayfield Industrial Park, Liverpool Road, Irlam, Manchester, M44 6GD

Phone: 0161 777 9970




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