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Our founder Mr Gavin Armitages' life in the specialist lubricants business began in 1998 and founded the business that would become Brit-Lube® Specialist Lubricants in December 2000. We are now in our 20th year and continue to have a passion for product development, continuous improvement, customer service, fair pricing and family values. Brit-Lube currently have three family members in the Senior Leadership Team.

The Armitage family has a well-established history in petrochemicals and engineering stemming many decades. Our father and grandfather spent all their working lives at Ciba Geigy Specialist Chemicals, Trafford Park, Manchester. Ciba Geigy were pioneers in advancing base oil technology, developing specialists’ fluids for lubricants, hydraulic additives and flame retardants. Ciba Geigy famously manufactured the hydraulic fluids for Concorde. Brit-Lube and related brands are the product of three generations of specialist lubricant chemistry and expertise!

Brit-Lube® began by formulating a range of ptfe/teflon® based maintenance lubricants. The enthesis was on achieving "Proven and Measurable Cost Savings" through targeted lubrication. This was often application specific and materials tended to be sold in small volumes and pack sizes. As our reputation grew so did our passion for new product development. We have continued to stay at the forefront of advances in lubrication technology. Our product range today is vast compared to our initial range and we continue to formulate products using the most advanced materials available.

Today the business has developed considerably from our origins supplying manufacturing facilities predominantly in the North West of England. We supply manufacturing plants throughout the whole of the UK and overseas. We have a large diverse network of resellers including multi-national engineering supply companies, family owned independent companies like ourselves, and have over 20 overseas distributors servicing almost every continent.

Our continued success lies in our commitment to quality & continous improvement, technical expertise, the development of market leading products and of course fair pricing. We have the flexibility to adapt quickly to customer requirements, changes in technology, legislation etc. We promise to continue to offer a world class service, superior performing products and unrivalled customer service & after sales support.

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Teflon™ is a registered trademark and a brand name (Teflon ®) owned by Chemours (formally DuPont)