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Covid-19 Statement Brit-Lube

With the continuing global developments regarding the outbreak of COVID-19, we wish to update you on our current status of our operations.

Tuesday 17th March 2019

Dear Customer/ Supplier,

With the continuing global developments regarding the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Brit-Lube wish to update you on the status of our operations in the UK. There is currently no disruption to our production facility and our day to day operations are not currently being affected. We are running normal sales, marketing and logistics operations across the Brit-Lube businesses and into our UK customers.

However, we have established a number of activities to ensure business continuity and the health, safety and well-being of our staff. We are monitoring and following guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), alongside advice given by local governments and health agencies. As of today, none of our employees has been confirmed or suspected of being infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus. We are testing each employee’s temperature upon arrival at work, we are regularly sanitising workspaces, computers, phones, communal areas etc. Our staff are not sharing desks & workspaces, making food together or sharing communal eating areas.

Travel: We have cancelled all International travel.

Customer & Supplier Meetings: Meetings with suppliers and customers are still permitted, but we will check with all customers and suppliers prior to travelling. Where suitable, we will move meetings to video or audio conferencing. We are similarly reviewing attendance at activities such as trade shows and conferences.

Visitors to our site: production & offices: While visitors to our location are still welcome, we are asking visitors to confirm before they arrive that they have not been to any high risk areas nor have been in contact with others from those high risk areas within the last 2 weeks.

Stock Products and Raw materials: At present, we are not experiencing any reduction or delays in the supply of products and raw materials being provided by our suppliers and we are continuing to work closely with all our suppliers. We do source materials from overseas and anticipate there may be an issue shipping raw material going forward.

Personal Hygiene: this is the most crucial step for all of us to combat the virus and keep everyone safe. All staff and visitors (including contractors and drivers) are being asked to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly. Hand sanitisers and tissues are available in all our locations for both staff and visitors to use on a regular basis. We are fortunate to stock & sell hand cleaner, sanitiser, wipes etc.

We have established a cross functional COVID-19 response team and this team will continue to monitor this developing global situation and review all the areas listed above. Our primary objective continues to be the health, safety and well-being of our staff and business partners and, to ensure normal business operations. As a customer or supplier, please continue to pro-actively communicate with us on your own developments and business needs and we can continue to work together and ensure minimal impact into our businesses.

This is a fluid situation that is changing daily, if not hourly. We will endeavour to keep you informed of our current position at all times. Please monitor the Latest News section of the Brit-Lube website for up to date information :-

If you have any further questions or information, please do contact your Brit-Lube / Mako-Lube Specialist Lubricants account manager or myself

Yours sincerely,
Gavin Armitage
Managing Director