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The Market Leading Multi-Purpose Spray That Has It All

Manufacturers are often faced with the challenge of selecting the right lubrication solution for the specific application. There are thousands of lubrication products on the market, all promising different benefits.

Brit Lube has created a lubricant that has it all. A flexible solution that saves time and money, with 10 uses in 1 bottle… meet Multi-Lube.

A superior, multi-purpose, extremely versatile oil, fortified with PTFE for use in Industrial, Utility, Rail & Engineering applications.


Multi-Lube Specification

Multi-Lube is designed to penetrate chains and threads, as well as providing a general workshop fluid that will lubricate, protect, and clean components all-in-one. A highly refined base oil provides a long life, with excellent penetrating properties to instantly free up corroded nuts, bolts, and threads.

Multi-lube TF has anticorrosion and anti-oxidation additives, in addition to a solvent carrier, which, when evaporated, leaves behind a durable lubricating film that protects against corrosion and reduces wear and friction.


Multi-Lube Applications

Multi-Lube is a truly universal maintenance lubricant and often replaces many other workshop sprays. Typical applications include chains, bearings, sliding surfaces, open lubrication points on machinery, wire ropes, locks, hinges and as a general maintenance product to clean, protect, displace water, and lubricate surfaces and components. Multi-Lube removes moisture and water, making it ideal as a medium-term coating to protect against corrosion, wear, and friction.


Economical, Environmentally Friendly, drastically reduces aerosol consumption

The bottles are 100% refillable and feature an economical trigger spray, making it an environmentally friendly choice for manufacturers looking to reduce their carbon footprint. One litre of Multi-Lube Trigger Spray is equivalent to over 4 standard aerosol sprays. 


Developed By Experts

Brit Lube has been formulating specialist, premium lubrication solutions for over 25 years, servicing a global customer network for a range of industries and applications. Our commitment to quality assurance is cemented by our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, our products are manufactured to international quality standards ensuring that product quality and traceability is maintained.   

Our comprehensive range includes Industrial, Food Grade, Biodegradable products and much more. Improve production, reduce downtime via targeted specialist lubrication.   


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