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New Partnership | Pulsarlube®

Brit-Lube partners with Pulsarlube® to provide the most innovative and reliable Automatic Single Point and Multi Point Lubricators on the market.

As part of Brit-Lube's commitment for continuous improvement we have partnered with Pulsarlube® to add their best in class automatic lubricators to our product portfolio. The addition of Pulsarlube® products to our range offers our customers the highest quality assurance and further cutting edge technology. Backed by years of research and development Pulsarlube® offers a wide range of superior products to provide the best lubrication solutions for our customers in all Industries.

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We specialise in implementing Pulsarlube lubrication programmes for our customer network and have the experience and a proven track record to overcome your specific challenges and project manage a full implementation programme. Our experienced technicians can provide a full site survey and documentation complete with Pulsarlube lubrication products and working schedules. We also provide full engineering/operator training with the products.

Our range of services are as follows:

  • Customer site visit throughout the UK.
  • Installation/ Fitting of Pulsarlube lubricators.
  • Numerous visits to customer sites to monitor and replace Pulsarlube lubricators.
  • Lubrication Fitting Reports throughout the lifetime of a Pulsarlube lubricator.
  • Colour Coded Lubrication Boards.
  • Lubrication stores management programme with Brit-Lube Greases & Oils.

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