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Bio-Grease HD

A Premium Quality Fully Synthetic Biodegradable Grease fortified with Non Toxic High Load Bearing Solid Lubricating Additives for use in Environmentally Sensitive Applications

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  • Biodegradable safe to use in environmentally sensitive applications
  • Excellent Water Resistance - increased component life
  • High Wear Resistance - elongates component life
  • Corrosion resistant - protects against rust and oxidation
  • Excellent in low temperatures - Use down to -30°c
  • Excellent adhesion resists vibration and shock loads
  • Excellent load carrying increases component life, even under high loads

Product Description

Bio-Grease HD is a Premium Quality, Biodegradable calcium thickened grease designed to ensure biodegradability for applications in Industries such as Rail, Forestry, Dockside, Offshore, Mining etc. The extreme pressure additives and special blend of anti-oxidants and corrosion inhibitors ensure lubrication and protection at high loads and extreme wet situations.
Bio-Grease HD has a tacky and adhesive nature, which makes it suitable for bearing, wire ropes, open gears and grease points in very wet and aggressive environments. It is also used for oil & gas drill string lubrication.


All bearing types and grease points that require biodegradable lubrication. Wire Ropes on dockside Cranes & Vessels, Offshore Drill String. Open Gears, Construction Machinery operating in Environmentally Sensitive Areas.

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