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Copper-Ease Aerosol

High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound

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Reduces friction & wear
Excellent sealing even in corrosive environments
ŇHandyÓ Aerosol Spray
Lead & Nickel Free
Enables easy disassembly of threaded parts, gaskets, and flanges etc.
Resists Hot & Cold Water and Chemicals
Lubricates, protects and eases dismantling

Product Description

Copper-Ease is an effective anti-seize formulation, preventing metal-to-metal contact, seizing, galling and fretting corrosion. Copper Ease forms a protective coating that will not wash or burn off, even under extreme stress and high temperatures.


Ideal for use on bolts, nuts, pins, flanges, bushings, fittings, linkages and many more applications.
It is ideally suited for high temperature applications such as exhaust systems, brake pads, furnace mechanisms etc.

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