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Food-Tek Hot Chain LS25

Food Grade High Temperature Chain Oil - Low Smoking

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  • Food Grade Top Tier Synthetic Ester formulation
  • Formulated with a specific “Low Smoke” additive package
  • Designed to provide superior high temperature performance, thus can be used on chains that may reach constant temperatures of 300°C
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation and prevents formation of lacquer residues at elevated temperatures
  • High flash point (>300°C), low pour point (<-25°C).
  • Suitable for use on overhead conveyors including paint plants – no silicone
  • NSF H1 Registered

Product Description

Food-Tek Hot Chan LS25 is premium specialist chain oil with superior lubricity properties, is fully synthetic therefore extending lubrication, service intervals.

Food-Tek Hot Chan LS25 is a stable synthetic chain oil designed for operating at high temperatures, contains antioxidants, EP & Anti-Wear additives and corrosion inhibitors for improved performance. This product is specifically formulated with a low smoking additive package making it ideal for use on extremely hot live flame oven chains. This lubricant does not contain solid additives.


High Temperature Bakery & Food Production Chains, Overhead Conveyors, Textile Chains – Stentors etc. Stove & Dryer Chains, Continuous Particle Board Press Chains, and most Chains operating at elevated temperatures.

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