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High temp 600G

High Temp Oil 600G is based upon a special synthetic oil with an extremely low evaporation rate even when working in the temperature range of 200°C to 260°C.

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  • High Temp Oil 600G is specifically developed for the lubrication of chains and bearings which are operating at temperatures between 170°C and 280°C, in continuous use and in areas where high loads or peak temperatures above this are occurring.
  • High Temp Plus 600G can be applied manually or automatically, by spraying, dosing, brushing, wiping or by drip oiler.
  • High Temp Plus 600G can be used up to 280°C as a high temperature oil for circulation or total loss oil applications and at higher temperatures where adequate re-lubrication is provided.

Product Description

This base oil is reinforced with a solid lubricant package that enhances the load capacity and boundary lubrication whilst offering short term lubrication up to 600°C. Its excellent resistance to oxidation and extremely well balanced additive package make it very stable in a large range of temperatures and helps avoid lacquer residues at high temperatures. High Temp Oil 600G also provides excellent anti-wear and extreme pressure protection.


  • Chains and tracks for textile frames
  • Chains and rollers for continuous particle board presses
  • Chains and bearings situated in stoves and dryers
  • Chains and rollers in high temperature bakery ovens

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