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Multi-Lube Aerosol

A superior, multi-purpose, extremely versatile aerosol spray fortified with PTFE for use in industrial, Offshore, Construction & Mining applications.

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  • Highly refined base oil long life, extending wet life of lubricant
  • Excellent penetrating properties frees up corroded nuts, bolts and threads
  • Contains PTFE increased wear resistance
  • Truly multifunctional can replace many workshop products
  • Excellent coating product protects against fretting corrosion, wear and squeaks
  • Removes moisture and water prevents components from corroding
  • Wide temperature range -40°c to +170°c

Product Description

Multi-Lube is a premium quality extremely versatile lubricant fortified with a stable suspension of PTFE (commonly known as Teflon) to give superior friction reduction and load carrying. It is designed for penetrating chains and threads as well as a general workshop aerosol that will lubricate, protect and clean components.
Multi-lube has anticorrosion and anti-oxidation additives and a solvent carrier, which, when evaporated, leaves behind a durable lubricating film that protects against corrosion and reduces wear and friction.


Suitable for all types of chains, bearings, sliding surfaces, open lubrication points on machinery also prevents internal corrosion on wire ropes and as a general maintenance product to clean, protect, displace water, and lubricate all surfaces and components. Also suited for a coating to protect against corrosion, wear and friction

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