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Open Gear Grease - Semi Fluid

A premium solvent free, sprayable, semi fluid open gear grease with outstanding corrosion protection for Industrial, Mining and Offshore applications

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  • Extreme Pressure properties protects against shock loading and wear extending in service life
  • Water resistant and repellent fully resistant to water, can be applied to wet surfaces
  • Long lasting thin film protection - almost dry to touch, does not collect dirt and dust.
  • Easy to apply - saves time
  • Adhesive texture ensures maximum gear surface protection

Product Description

Open Gear Grease is a premium quality, solvent free semi fluid aluminium complex grease based on solvent refined hydrocarbon oil incorporating solid lubricants, polymers, extreme pressure additives, and a blend of antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors, combining to provide highly effective lubrication with outstanding corrosion protection.
Open Gear Grease has been specially designed for the lubrication of all open gear types, including spur, helical, worm and bevel drive gears, as well as for steel tyres and supporting rollers, that are subjected to extreme loads at high working temperatures. This lubricant is bitumen and solvent free.


Industrial, Mining: & Offshore: Lubrication of all types of open gears including spur, helical, bevel and worm gears, in machinery such as kilns, ball mills and other continuous process industries

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