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PFPE Ultra Aerosol

PFPE Ultra Aerosol is a premium quality, perfluorinated multi-purpose lubricant developed for applications requiring low friction, nonflammability, wide temperature range, and extremely long lubricating intervals.

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  • Excellent Oxidation stability ensures prolonged lubrication intervals at high temperature.
  • Wide Temperature Range: -40°C to +200°C
  • Inert to most materials and will not degrade most rubbers, plastics and painted surfaces
  • Extremely resistant to chemicals and suitable for use in the presence of oxygen
  • Anti-wear Additives provide saving on component costs

Product Description

PFPE Ultra Aerosol is an extremely versatile non-toxic lubricant which is essentially inert and safe to use with metals, plastics, rubbers & seal materials. It is totally non flammable and safe to use at high temperatures, in confined spaces, and will not react with oxygen and other gas applications.


PFPE Ultra Aerosol is chemically & bio-logically inert making it ideal for mining, rail, aerospace, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industries etc

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