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PFPE Ultra M Grease

A Premium quality, perfluorinated polyether grease thickened with PTFE & MOS2. This is the most advanced lubrication technology available.

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  • Excellent Oxidation stability ensures prolonged lubrication intervals at high temperature.
  • Will not carbonise at high temperatures Inert to most materials will not degrade most rubbers, plastics and painted surfaces
  • Extremely resistant to chemicals and suitable for use in the presence of oxygen
  • Anti-wear Additives including MOS2 provide saving on component costs

Product Description

PFPE Ultra with Moly has exceptional stability ensuring long term lubrication characteristics even when used at constant high temperature up to 280°C. PFPE Ultra with Moly is provides unrivalled load bearing characteristics and allows a film of solid lubricant to be left behind even when operating at exceptionally high temps i.e. 300°C and above for sustained periods of time. PFPE Ultra with Moly is suitable grease for "Lubrication for Life" applications.


PFPE Ultra with Moly is suitable for all high loaded plain and anti-friction bearings, bushes, slides and guides. It is also suitable for acidic and corrosive applications, all heavy duty and high temperature grease applications.
PFPE Ultra with Moly is also suitable for rubber and plastic lubrication applications as a lubricant, assembly aid.
PFPE Ultra with Moly is non-flammable, chemically & bio-logically inert making it ideal for mining, rail, aerospace, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industries etc

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