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Pulsarlube BT

Bluetooth-Enabled Automatic Electromechanical Lubricator

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  • Convenient Lubrication Management - Conveniently control and monitor lubricators using the Pulsarlube mobile app
  • Enhanced User-Friendliness - Straightforward installation and operation
  • Integrated DB Management - Keep track of operational status of all paired lubricators by using the integrated database
  • Safe Working Environment - Remotely monitor lubricator status in hazardous and inaccessible work areas via mobile app in close proximity

Product Description

Pulsarlube BT is a New Generation Bluetooth-Enabled Automatic Electromechanical Lubricator. It offers outstanding performance and excellent safety features - Bluetooth 4.1 enables connections up to 20m (66ft) away & High output pressure enables remote installation up to 6m (20ft).


  • Hard to reach areas where maintenance access is not easy
  • Hazardous locations where it is not safe to perform routine maintenance
  • Where bearings are located in close proximity
  • Where lubrication management is tedious and inconvenient

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