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Pulsarlube C

Electrochemical Automatic Single Point Lubricator

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  • Simple operation
  • 4 variable dispensing rates
  • Water submergible
  • High performace lubricant
  • Microprocessor inside
  • Programmed logic circuit
  • User-friendly LED panel
  • Accurate / Reliable dispensing

Product Description

Pulsarlube C is the New Generation of electrochemical, automatic, single point lubricator and is designed to ensure a precise, predictable, and fresh supply of lubricant in a wide variety of Industrial applications. Pulsarlube C delivers a self contained (pre-packed) lubricant, under pressure, by means of a controlled reaction that generates inert Nitrogen (N2) gas.


Common applications include:

  • Where access is hazardous or inconvenient
  • Contamination is present
  • Where there is insufficient staff to guarantee lubrication

Data Sheets:


Technical data sheet:

PDF icon Flyer_PulsarlubeC_ Brit-lube.pdf

Safety data sheet:

Pack sizes available: