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Pulsarlube E

Small & Economical Automatic Gas Type Lubricator

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  • Reliable - Less dispensing variation against ambient temperature differences due to inert Nitrogen gas generation
  • Economical - Provides a low cost lubrication solution without compromising performance
  • Eco-friendly - Eco-friendly product, where applicable parts can be disposed of separately

Product Description

Pulsarlube E is Cost Effective, Intrinsically Safe, and More Reliable against Temperature Variations. Pulsarlube E has various dispensing settings & grease pouch volumes to suit a wide range of industrial applications. It is easy to adjust dispensing periods, even while in operation and is easy to install in hazardous & confined areas.


  • Automotive Plants
  • Motors & pumps
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Paper mills, steel mills, cement plants where water & excessive contaminants exist
  • Electronics industries in need of small amounts of lubricant (60ml)

Data Sheets:


Technical data sheet:

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Safety data sheet:

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