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Pulsarlube M

Powerful & Long-Term Reliable Electromechanical Lubricator

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  • Cost Savings - Substantial savings from the use of replaceable grease pouches and battery packs (Service Pack)
  • Remote Installation - High output pressure (30bar) enables remote installation up to 10m (33ft)
  • Multi-Point Installation - Up to 8 lube points using Ø6 tube, Max. 6m (20ft) per point
  • Simple Operation - Easy to program with built-in LCD and simple button controls
  • Convenient Maintenance -Transparent container for easy visual inspection of remaining lubricant

Product Description

Pulsarlube M is a powerful & long-term reliable electromechanical lubricator offering Total Reliability, Advanced Diagnostics, Unrivalled Output Pressure & Wide Temperature Capability. Pulsarlube M has various dispensing settings & grease pouch volumes to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Pulsarlube also has an auto lock out mode to prevent unintentional mode changes.


  • Automotive plants, iron/steel mills and nuclear power plants
  • Cleanrooms & LM Guides where precise, multi-point lubrication is needed
  • HVAC equipment & cooling towers where long lube lines may be necessary
  • Motors and pumps in city water & wastewater treatment facilities
  • Any places with extreme (low or high) temperature

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Technical data sheet:

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Safety data sheet:

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