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Pulsarlube Mi

Intelligent Machine Synchronized Automatic Lubricator

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  • Vibration Sensor - Lubricator operates only when vibration is detected on the installed application
  • Cost Savings - Substantial savings from the use of replaceable grease pouches and battery packs (Service Pack)
  • Easy Installation - Place the magnetic vibration sensor on any flat metal surface
  • More Reliable & Precise Lubrication - A pre-set amount of grease is delivered only when the equipment is in operation, avoiding the possibility of over lubrication and waste

Product Description

Pulsarlube Mi is an intelligent machine synchronised automatic lubricator. Pulsarlube Mi has easy to adjust dispensing periods in operation and is easy to install in hazardous & confined areas. Pulsarlube Mi uses a transparent container for easy visual inspection of remaining lubricant.


  • Motors and pumps from municipal water & waste water treatment facilities
  • Paper mills, steel mills and cement plants where water & excessive contaminants exist
  • Electric motors, pumps, blowers and fans
  • Applications where synchronised lubricators cannot be wired to an external power supply or PLC

Data Sheets:


Technical data sheet:

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Safety data sheet:

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