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Safe Straw

Introducing Safe Straw! 

"No more lost straws"

The “Permanently” attached dual action spray actuator specially developed for the Food Processing Industry!

Safe Straw - Eliminates the detachable straw, button & lid used by conventional aerosols suppliers.  Reducing the risk of undetected contaminants entering food processing areas.  

Safe Straw – Has a “Dual Action Spray” simple to use with one hand - Flip up for precision spray  - Flip down to spray wide areas

Safe Straw – Is Quick, Economical and Easy to use

Safe Straw – The most Audit Compliant Aerosol Mako-Lube Lubricants has ever produced


Safe Straw further enhances the Food-Tek Food Industry Maintenance Aerosol range which offers:-

  • Market leading Quality & Performance
  • NSF Registered products
  • Colour Coding for Health & Safety and Compliance
  • Allergen, Halal, Kosher, Gluten, Vegan, Vegetarian Compliant
  • Full Audit & Conformance review & support
  • Fair Pricing - Guaranteed Value for Money