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Chain Lube Plus Aerosol

A Premium Quality, Highly Adhesive, Waterproof, Anti-Fling, Wear Resistant Industrial Grade Chain Spray.

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  • Highly refined base oil increases wet life of lubricant
  • Excellent-penetrating properties frees up corroded nuts, bolts and threads
  • Excellent Adhesion - Will not fling, reduces lubricant usage
  • Easy to use Handy Aerosol Spray
  • Removes moisture and water prevents components from corroding
  • Wide temperature range -10°c to +160°c

Product Description

Chain-Lube Plus - is a premium quality specially formulated chain lubricant for all chains, especially those under high load or in wet or aggressive environments.
Chain-Lube Plus - is specially blended to give excellent adhesion to surfaces and is hydrophobic ensuring outstanding resistance to water wash off in saturated and aggressive applications.
Chain-Lube Plus - has superb non drip and anti fling characteristics making it ideal for heavily loaded slow moving chains & open gears or high speed chains where a non fling product is desired.


Suitable for a multitude of open lubrication applications including :- Chains, Conveyor Systems, Saturated Chains, Water & Utility Sector Applications, Steel Industry, Packaging Machinery. It is also ideal for Motorcycle, Fork-Truck Chains, Open Gears & Wire Ropes etc.

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