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Food Grade HD Cleaner Spray

A food grade, powerful, fast acting cleaner aerosol, suitable for cleaning electrical components for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other clean industries.

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  • Fast drying
  • Improves electrical conductivity
  • Fitted with “Safe Straw” Applicator
  • Effective on grease, oil, grime etc
  • Leaves no residue
  • Safe on metal, most plastics & paints
  • NSF K2 registered
  • Truly multi-functional product

Product Description

Food-Tek Heavy Duty Cleaner is a powerful, fastacting, food grade cleaner spray. It dries rapidly, evaporating to leave no residue. The product is ideal for use in many industrial environments and most machinery. It is suitable for cleaning electrical components.


Food-Tek Heavy Duty Cleaner has been developed for cleaning components and machinery including electrical components in food & pharmaceutical production facilities.
Food-Tek Heavy Duty Cleaner will rapidly clean a wide variety of dirt & grime. It is ideal for cleaning electrical equipment such as control panels, electric motors, switches & contacts. It is safe for use on metal, most plastics & painted surfaces.

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