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Hot Chain Synthest H1

The Hot Chain Synthest H1 is a specially developed synthetic oil with extremely good thermal stability even when operating at ŇChainÓ temperatures of 200_C to 280_C. Ovens temperatures can be higher.

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Food Grade Synthetic ester high temperature chain lubricant.
Suitable for use on overhead conveyors including paint plants
Designed to provide superior high temperature performance, thus can be used on chains that may reach constant temperatures of 285ĄC.
Excellent resistance to oxidation and helps avoid lacquer residues at high temperatures
High flash point (>285ĄC), low pour point (<-25ĄC).
Meets the requirements for Incidental Food Contact Đ H1 approval

Product Description

Hot Chain Synthest H1 is premium specialist chain oil with superior lubricity properties, is fully synthetic therefore extending lubrication, service intervals.
Hot Chain Synthest H1 is a stable synthetic chain oil designed for operating at high temperatures, contains antioxidants, EP & Anti-Wear additives and corrosion inhibitors for improved performance. This oil does not contain solid additives.


High Temperature Bakery Chains, Overhead Conveyors, Textiles Chains Đ Stentors etc. Stove & Dryer Chains, Continuous Particle Board Press Chains, and most chains operating at elevated temperatures.

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