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Food Grade Heavy Duty Chain Spray

Superior Quality Food Grade Heavy Duty Chain Spray fortified with PTFE

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Heavy Duty, Resists High Loads
Excellent Operating temp range -53ĄC - 200ĄC
Completely Water Resistant Đ Protects against water ingress
Excellent Anti-Oxidation & Anti-Corrosion properties
Penetrates to the heart of the Chain, Wire Rope etc.
Suitable for Open Gears

Product Description

Heavy Duty Chain Spray is a Heavy Duty, Highly Adhesive Lubricating Oil designed the Penetrate initially then quickly thicken to leave a durable lubricating film.
Heavy Duty Chain Spray is a Premium Quality, Highly Adhesive, Water Proof, Wear Resistant Chain Lubricant designed for the Food Manufacturing Sector.
Heavy Duty Chain Spray is fortified with a stable suspension of PTFE commonly known as Teflon to give Superior Lubricity & Friction Reduction.


It is ideal for the lubrication & protection of Chains, Wire Ropes, Open Gears, Guides etc. on machinery used in Food Processing, Packaging and Transportation.
As a Premium Product, Heavy Duty Chain Spray is ideal for applications in most Industries requiring a Heavy Duty, Clean, Highly Adhesive Lubricant.

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