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Food-Grade WD Penetrating Spray

A food grade, non toxic, water displacing, corrosion resistant penetrating spray for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other clean industries.

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  • NSF H1 Registered Safe to use where incidental food contact may occur.
  • Excellent penetrating properties enables fast disassembly of seized fasteners
  • Excellent de-watering property lubricates surfaces, even in wet and saturated conditions
  • Penetrates through rust and dirt - saves time

Product Description

Food-Safe WD Penetrating Spray is a food grade, clean, non-toxic, lubricant developed for the dewatering and lubrication of components fasteners and other parts.
Food-Safe WD Penetrating Spray is an exceptionally versatile lubricant that is also a powerful release fluid with exceptional penetrating properties. It leaves behind a residual lubricant film to aid re-assembly.


Food, Beverage & Other Clean Industries: Dewatering on all components, release agent for fasteners, general purpose light lubricant in food and other clean industries.

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