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Pulsarlube MSP

Machine Synchronised & Externally Powered Automatic Lubricator

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  • Synchronized Lubrication - A pre-set amount of grease is delivered only when the equipment is in operation, avoiding the possibility of over lubrication and waste
  • Cost Savings - Substantial savings from the use of replaceable grease pouches and battery packs (Service Pack) 
  • Easy to use - Easy to adjust dispensing periods, even while in operation

Product Description

Pulsarlube MSP is a machine synchronised & externally powered automatic lubricator. It is the perfect solution to prolong machinery life by preventing under or over-lubrication and optimise maintenance efficiency. Pulsarlube MSP has various dispensing settings & grease pouch volumes to suit a wide range of industrial applications. There is a transparent container for easy visual inspection of remaining lubricant and no need to replace the battery pack for up to 5 years.


  • Motors & pumps
  • Equipment that is shut down or in stand-by for long periods of time
  • Electronics & automotives
  • Cleanrooms where over-lubrication is critically monitored

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