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Clear Chain Lube H1

Clear Chain Lube H1 is a premium quality food grade synthetic based chain lubricant.

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  • NSF H1 registered safe to use where incidental food contact may occur.
  • Synthetic base oil, extends lubrication intervals & chain life
  • Excellent EP and Anti-wear extend chain life, lowers chain wear
  • Medium viscosity fluid penetrates links and pins
  • Thermally stable at low, ambient & high temperatures from -43°c to +180°c
  • Excellent adhesion - non-drip or fling
  • Leaves a thin film that doesn’t attract contamination
  • High Viscosity Index retains viscosity at elevated temperatures

Product Description

CLEAR CHAIN LUBE H1 is a premium quality food grade synthetic based chain lubricant specially formulated to lubricate drive and transport chains. The durability of the base oil and unique additive package give market leading performance in the widest temperature range, from sub-zero to high temperature. Excellent adhesive properties minimise “fling-off” during use and wash-off by both cold & hot water.


All chain types, bakery ovens, proofer chains, flight chains, drying oven chains, packaging machinery, pallet lifting chains, and overhead chains.
Clear Chain Lube H1 can be applied manually by brush or with oil can. It is most suitable for application via spray or drip feed using automatic lubrication systems.

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