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Dry PTFE Spray

A clean, food grade, non toxic, dry film, non stick, low friction spray for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other clean industries

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  • Food Grade and suitable for use where incidental food contact may occur.
  • Excellent temperature range -20°c to +270°c
  • Dry lubrication does not attract dust and dirt
  • Excellent anti-stick properties, can be used as release agent, anti-seize
  • Dry film will not stress crack plastics

Product Description

Dry PTFE Spray is a food grade, clean, non-toxic, non-stick lubricant developed for the lubrication of chutes, slides, guides, links, pins, rotating and small moving parts and open bearings.
Dry PTFE Spray is an exceptionally versatile, odourless lubricant which does not attract dust and dirt, with an excellent temperature range to +270c.


Industrial: Cams, followers, conveyors, slides and chutes, links and pins, open bearings, pre-treating components during assembly and other moving parts.

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