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Food-Safe Gear Oil Range

A 100% Fully Synthetic Long Life, Food Grade, Wear Resistant, High Load Gear Oil for the Food, Beverage Pharmaceutical and other Clean Industries.

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  • NSF H1 registered safe to use where incidental food contact may occur.
  • Synthetic base fluid long life, extended drain intervals
  • Excellent demulsibility allows quick and easy draining of excess water in equipment, extending service life
  • High viscosity index retains viscosity at high temperatures
  • Oxidation and corrosion inhibited reduces sludge and residue
  • High adhesion protects gears even at start up

Product Description

Food-Safe Gear Oil is a premium quality long life, food grade, synthetic based gear oil for all gearbox types, including extreme temperatures. The synthetic base fluid helps to increase life of the product and to significantly extend the oil change interval.
Food-Safe Gear Oil is designed to extend re-lubrication and oil change intervals with its unique additive package that also gives it excellent demulsibility properties. This makes the Food safe Gear Oil ideal for homogenisers that may have a water ingress problem.


Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical and other Clean Industries: Gearboxes, chains and drives, including conveyor chains in the food industry

Pack sizes available: