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Silicone Grease

“Easy to use Twist Lock Cap”
Seals, Protects, Lubricates, Aids Assembly!

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  • Does not swell or soften rubber
  • Chemically Inert, protects against Hydrocarbons
  • Safe on rubbers and plastics :- Ideal Assembly Aid for “O” rings etc.
  • Excellent temperature range
  • Dielectric Grease WRAS approved for use with Cold & Hot Potable Water

Product Description

Silicone Grease is a premium quality, non-toxic, chemically resistant, silicone high temperature grease, available in a handy twist lock cap plastic tube. Silicone Grease is resistant to a wide range of cleaning fluids and other aggressive chemicals, and has excellent sealing properties to prevent contamination, or ingress on Seals, O Rings, rubbers & other materials


Ideal for the treatment of O-ring’s, Gaskets, Rubbers, Plastics and other materials due to its excellent compatibility with rubber & plastic substrates. Excellent for use in Industrials where rubbers & plastics can be subject to hydrocarbons, chemicals, gases etc. which can cause premature component failure.

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