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Food Grade Premier CS2 Grease

New Generation Fully Synthetic Food Grade Calcium Sulphonate Grease

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  • Wide range of working temperatures, from -50ºC up to 180ºC
  • Excellent sealing capacity, high resistance to loads
  • Excellent resistance at water and water steam, alkali (detergents), weak acids, etc.
  • Excellent adhesiveness and sealing capacity
  • High compatibility with rubbers and elastomers
  • Food Grade – NSF H1
  • High anticorrosive capability

Product Description

Food Grade Premier CS2 Grease is specially developed using the most modern lubrication technology. It is specifically formulated for use in the most arduous applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry.This grease is formulated with a thickener of excellent physical-chemical characteristics, and designed to significantly outperform traditional food grade greases. It is formulated with 100% premium synthetic oil and of high viscosity index which allows the grease to work in a wide range of temperatures (-50 to 180ºC).


FOOD-TEK PREMIER CS2 is suitable for all bearing types: Plain, ball & roller bearings, sliding surfaces, bushes, shafts and general Food & Non Food Industry machinery applications including:

  • Bearings working at medium and low speed (SF = 400000)
  • Bearings and mechanisms working from -50 ºC to 180ºC
  • Bearings working at severe conditions
  • Bearings of feed pellet granulators
  • Bearings working at high loads
  • Bearings which require grease with high sealing properties

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